Clarity in the story, and making the map do some work

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Over the last two weeks, it's become clear where my concentration needs to lie for the last two weeks of the fellowship.
Here's what I'm focusing on and how I'll address these issues:
1. Distinguishing between case studies
- creating a different palette for each study
- mimicing the palette in the the physical installation through different colors of LEDs, colors on the platform, etc.
2. Making the map do some work
- It was evident after some reveiws that having the infoboxes over random parts of the map was ineffective. I need to have a standard place for the infoboxes to appear, then use the map to highlight the specific geographic points that my story covers (railroads, highways, parks, etc)
- I've also changed the layout to better server the map, giving it a vertical dimension
- I'm working on creating animated zoom and pan transitions to better showcase the points on the map tied to the story
3. Ensuring the story is clear
- emphasizing the invasive species among all the species that are tracked
- clearly demarcating natives and non-natives in the legend
- slowing down the pace of the timer
- using a capacitive resistor that does not require a ground connection