Wrapping up my fellowship project

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nearing the end of my fellowship, my project is coming together.

I purchased a domain for the project, and am using the name I have been thinking of since the beginning-- invasivericochet.com


Since the MaKey MaKey required a ground, it would've been more cumbersome, and I want to ensure users have no problems beginning the narratives. As I result I changed hardware, and purchased a capacitive touch sensor shield for my Arduino. I soldered that together and now have it working.



On Tuesday, I met with people at Presence, one of the partnering organizations. They asked how I chose the case stories. While all of the cases I had chosen were ranked high by the California Invasive Plant Council, I realized I was not including some of the worst invaders. I decided to add Cape Ivy to the project, and possibly Scotch Broom. I may scrap one or two of the others depending on time, and how easily I find plants in the field. I started to go out and collect plants to use in the installation.



I've finalized the layout for my case studies, with a panel on the right showing the storyline over time. Infoboxes still appear on the map when they are relevant to a specific area. I've slowed down the timing and continue to work on easing and transitions to make the piece flow. I also continue to work on the animated zoom/pan functionality, but am having issues with projection. I'm hoping to resolve this over the weekend, but if not, my project will be fine without it. The color palette for each study is unresolved as of now, but it will be quick to implement.

I'm also going to add an 'About' page to the site, to give a general summary of the difficulties of species observation data, to touch on the spikes seen in the 2010 data, and to give some other background.

Over the next few days, I need to buckle down and finalize all of my storylines, make final tweaks to my code, and install the piece.